Audit log

Understand the activities conducted by users throughout your entire organization, whether performed directly or via API keys.

Audit logs are crucial for several reasons. First, they provide a detailed record of all user activities and system events, allowing organizations to monitor and analyze actions for security, compliance, and operational purposes. Second, in the event of a security breach or system failure, audit logs serve as a vital tool for forensic analysis, helping to identify the cause and impact of the incident. Finally, they assist in ensuring accountability by tracking user actions, which is essential for maintaining integrity and trust in information systems.

Navigate to your organization's page and click on "Audit Log." You will see all audit logs arranged in descending order by their creation date. Each log entry is annotated with information about who performed the action, what was done, and when it occurred. Based on the icon next to the actor, you can determine if the action was performed directly by a user or through their API key. Additionally, several events generated from the Cosmo Platform can be identified accordingly.

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