Provision and manage users in your workspace with the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) standard.

SCIM, known as System for Cross-domain Identity Management, is a standardized protocol that automates user identity management across various systems and applications. It achieves this through RESTful APIs, facilitating smooth communication between identity providers e.g. Okta and service providers like Cosmo.

SCIM enables organizations to automate tasks like user provisioning, updating, and de-provisioning, thereby streamlining administrative processes. As of today we support the following integration:

  1. Create users

    • When a user is added to the SCIM app, it creates the user on Cosmo and then adds them to their respective organization.

  2. Update user attributes

    • When the user's attributes (who is a member of the scim app) are modified, it syncs it with Cosmo.

  3. Deactivate users

    • When a user is removed from the SCIM app, it deactivates the respective user's account on Cosmo.

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