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Every company and project is different. Our team of Solution Architects is happy to consult with you to find the right solution for your use case. For more information, a demo, Q&A with our Engineers and Solution Architects, please contact our friendly sales team.

Cosmo is built on top of Open Source & Open Standards

Cosmo is fully open-source and will always remain so. Its extensive range of features makes it one of the most advanced, secure, and cost-efficient GraphQL Platforms for both small and large companies.

While you have the option to operate the open-source solution independently, we strongly advise considering our services. This recommendation comes from a place of caution and care: Managing a platform at this complexity level without the necessary expertise could pose risks to your business. We're here to assist, ensuring you make the most of this solution safely and effectively.

At Wundergraph, we have an in-depth understanding of how the software works and how to operate every single component.

We're building the most secure GraphQL Federation solution by betting on three elements:

  1. Open Source

  2. Open Standards

  3. Transparency

Cosmo builds on top of the following Open Source Technologies:

  • Kubernetes (for deployments)

  • PostgreSQL (central storage or record)

  • Redis (Workflows, CRON Jobs, Cache)

  • ClickHouse (Analytics, Traces, Metrics)

  • Keycloak (Federated Authentication)

In addition, we're using the following standards and protocols:

  • OpenTelemetry

  • OpenFederation

  • Prometheus

  • OpenID Connect

Cosmo Enterprise: Dedicated Cloud

For the most advanced use cases, we offer Cosmo Dedicated Cloud, a fully isolated, end-to-end secure Soc2-certified deployment of Cosmo Cloud.

Dedicated Cloud is a fully managed service with SLAs, available in AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Custom release cycles can be defined, so you're not forced to follow all major updates at the same pace as the regular Cosmo Cloud.

On-premises support for strictly regulated industries

We understand that some companies operate under very strict regulations. In such scenarios, you can opt for the most expensive Cosmo deployment Option, going 100% on-premises.

With our team of Solution Architects and Support Engineers, it's possible to run Cosmo entirely on-premises. You're able to update this deployment at your own pace and we maintain a version of Cosmo that your company is comfortable with in terms of update schedule.

The process of setting up Cosmo in a way to pass security audits is complex. It's important to ensure end-to-end encryption and configure every component correctly. In addition, you will probably want to deploy Cosmo in a scalable way, to ensure the maintainability and healthiness of the system.

Our team is happy to assist with these tasks. Here's a subset of tasks and questions our team can help you with:

  • Network architecture & security

  • Configuration, upgrading, and maintenance of all components

  • Database Migration assistance on Version updates for PostgreSQL & Clickhouse

  • Capacity planning for Cosmo Router, OTEL & GraphQL Metrics Collectors

  • Ensuring horizontal scalability of individual components

  • Planning and facilitating upgrades

  • Defining maintenance and Operations processes

  • Integrating Cosmo into your existing Operations Stack, e.g. for Observability

100% Air-Gapped GraphQL Federation

It's noteworthy that Cosmo Dedicated Cloud can be run in 100% air-gapped scenarios without access to the public internet. As all components are Open Source, including Cosmo, this is the most secure and transparent solution to pass the most demanding audits.

Solution Architects

As part of our enterprise contract, we offer a direct support channel (Slack, Teams) with our Solution Architects.

Our Solution Architects help your teams with questions about Subgraph Architecture, Schema Design, Implementing Authentication and Authorization Policies properly, improving the performance and reliability of your Graphs, and many more topics.

Support Engineers

In addition, our Support Engineers help your team to maximize the benefits of Cosmo. We assist with deployment, ongoing maintenance, migrations, and support for long-term release versions.

Incentives of an Open Source Company vs Closed Source

Compared to our competitors, Cosmo is 100% Open Source under the Apache 2.0 license. Being Open Source as a company has an impact on the incentives.

A closed-source Company is incentivized by locking customers into its ecosystem with features that are subject to a non-OSI-compliant license. Customers who depend on closed-source features cannot easily move to a different vendor. This way, you're subject to price increases without getting significant additional value.

WunderGraph on the other hand, being 100% Open Source is committed to continuously innovating and offering you the most advanced solution. With Cosmo Enterprise, you pay a fair market price for the value of our services instead of being vendor-locked into an overpriced inferior solution.

Key Benefits Cosmo Enterprise

  • 100% Open Source, transparent, secure, and easy to pass audits

  • dedicated, isolated deployment of Cosmo Cloud

  • direct access to the best GraphQL Federation team in the market

  • super fast turnaround for bugs and problems

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For more information, a demo, Q&A with our Engineers & Solution Architects, please contact our friendly sales team.

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