Advanced Request Tracing (ART)

This section is about Advanced Request Tracing (ART) and how you can leverage it to debug execution plans and understand exactly how the Router resolves a request.

Enabling Advanced Request Tracing may pose a potential security risk. For this reason, we have implemented a mechanism to ensure secure communication from Cosmo Studio to your routers. This allows to debug routers in production 🎉

A connection with the controlplane is required and a router with version 0.42.3 or higher.

Advanced Request Tracing (ART) renders the Execution Plan including verbose information about how it was resolved as a JSON and adds it to the GraphQL response in the "extensions" part of the response using the "trace" key.

You get the following information from ART

  • planning timings, e.g. how long it took to generate an execution plan

  • the general structure of the execution plan

  • the types of fetches (load operations) the Router does, like parallel, serial, entity, batch entity, etc.

  • what actual requests are being sent to the Subgraphs

  • what data was used to render the input for a load operation

  • the rendered input of a load operation

  • the output of a load operation

  • the timings, like latency, of a load operation

All of this information can be quite useful to fully understand how the Router resolves a request and why it might be slow or behave unexpectedly.


For convenience, Advanced Request Tracing is enabled by default. When starting the Router, a warning indicates if the feature is active.

To fully disable Advanced Request Tracing, set the following environment variable:


Request Parameters

To use Advanced Request Tracing, you need to either use Request Headers or Query Parameters. To disable ART, simply omit the "X-WG-Trace" Header or the "wg_trace" Query Parameter.


You must set the following Header to enable tracing


Query Parameter

It's also possible to use Query Parameters


Optional Arguments

Other (optional) arguments that are available:

  • exclude_planner_stats (exclude planner timings in the trace)

  • exclude_raw_input_data (exclude the raw input data for a loader)

  • exclude_input (exclude the rendered input data for a loader)

  • exclude_output (exclude the output of a loader)

  • exclude_load_stats (exclude load stats like latency)

  • enable_predictable_debug_timings (useful for debugging, makes timings constant)


Enable Advanced Tracing but exclude planner stats and input via Header


Enable Advanced Tracing but exclude output via Query Parameters



For security reasons, we don't enable Advanced Request Tracing (ART) by default but you can enable it by setting the router environment variable DEV_MODE to true and using the following header in the playground:

  "X-WG-TRACE" : "true"

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