Cosmo AI

Cosmo AI is currently in Open Beta.

Cosmo Cloud now features an array of non-production capabilities utilizing LLM providers like OpenAI, designed to enhance your workflows. These include the automatic generation of documentation for your graphs and assistance in fixing queries. Upon publishing a schema, Cosmo Cloud sends a request to the LLM, which contains your prompt and the GraphQL schema. It's important to note that the LLM does not gain access to any other data stored in our Cloud. For more details on data handling, please refer to OpenAI's privacy policies.


Generate Subgraph Documentation

When you publish a Subgraph, Cosmo Cloud automatically generates the README (documentation) based on the provided GraphQL schema to keep it up to date. This process is executed in the background and typically completes within about 30 seconds.

Schemas exceeding 10,000 characters are ignored. However, if you're interested in trying it out, please inform us. Our capacity is limited due to the beta phase.

Get assistance with GraphQL composition errors

You can run "wgc subgraph fix" to get a possible solution for fixing your current composition error. It returns just the new GraphQL schema, which you can incorporate into your existing one.

Enable Cosmo AI

Navigate to your organization settings and click on "Enable" in the "Cosmo AI" section. By clicking this button, you agree to the terms described above.


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