Websocket Subprotocols

This section explains how you can configure Websocket subprotocols both for local development and using Cosmo Studio.

The available WebSocket subprotocols are:-

  • auto: This is the default subprotocol. If auto is selected, we negotiate with the subgraph for the subprotocol. The subprotocols graphql-ws and graphql-transport-ws are used for the negotiation. If the subgraph doesn't return a subprotocol, it falls back to graphql-ws.

  • graphql-ws

  • graphql-transport-ws

How to set the WebSocket subprotocol

  • While creating a subgraph, the WebSocket subprotocol can be set using the create subgraph command.

npx wgc subgraph create <name> -r <routing-url> --label [labels] --subscription-protocol ws --websocket-subprotocol <subprotocol>
  • If the subgraph is already created, it can be updated using the update subgraph command.

npx wgc subgraph update <name> --websocket-subprotocol <protocol>

Configure Subscriptions for local development

When composing a Graph locally, you can supply the subprotocol using the following configuration.

version: 1
  - name: employees
    routing_url: "http://localhost:4001/graphql"
      protocol: "ws"
      websocketSubprotocol: "graphql-ws"

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