Creates a federated subgraph on the control plane.


npx wgc subgraph create [subgraphName] --label [labelName] --routing-url [url]

After creating a subgraph, you can publish it with wgc subgraph publish.


The npx wgc subgraph create command allows you to create a new subgraph within the Cosmo platform. Subgraphs are isolated GraphQL schemas that can be independently deployed and managed, providing modularity and scalability to your GraphQL APIs. The [subgraphName] argument specifies the name of the new subgraph, while the --label and --routing-url options allow you to add custom metadata and define the endpoint for the subgraph's data. Use npx wgc subgraph create -h to see all the available options.


  • [subgraphName]: The name of the subgraph you want to create. It should be a unique and descriptive identifier for the new subgraph.


  • -n, --namespace : The namespace of the subgrah (Default: "default").

  • --label: Assign multiple labels to the new subgraph. Labels are used to categorize and organize subgraphs based on specific criteria (e.g., team, department, project).

    • Example: --label team=A

  • --routing-url: Set the URL for the subgraph's data source. This URL defines the endpoint where the subgraph will fetch data from.

    • Example: --routing-url http://localhost:4001/graphql

  • --subscription-url: Optionally, use a different URL for subscription requests. If no subscription URL is provided, the router URL is used for subscriptions.

  • --subscription-protocol: Optionally, set a protocol to use for subscriptions. The available options are:

    • ws (default): Negotiate an appropriate protocol over websockets. Both grapqhl-ws and subscription-transport-ws are supported.

    • sse: Use Server-Sent Events with a GET request.

    • sse_post: Use Server-Sent events with a POST request.

  • --readme <path-to-readme>: The path to the markdown file which describes the subgraph.

  • --websocket-subprotocol: The subprotocol to use when subscribing to the subgraph. The supported protocols are auto(default), graphql-ws, and graphql-transport-ws. It should be used only if the subscription protocol is ws.


  1. Create a new subgraph named "products" with the label "team=A" and the routing URL "http://localhost:4001/graphql":

    npx wgc subgraph create products --label team=A --routing-url http://localhost:4001/graphql

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