Introspects a subgraph.


npx wgc subgraph introspect --routing-url [url] --header [headers...]


The npx wgc subgraph introspect command allows you to introspect a subgraph and returns the schema of the subgraph.


  • --routing-url: Set the URL for the subgraph's data source. This URL defines the endpoint where the subgraph will fetch data from.

    • Example: --routing-url http://localhost:4001/graphql

  • --header: The headers to apply when the subgraph is introspected. This is used for authentication and authorization. The headers are passed in the format <key>=<value> <key>=<value>. Use quotes if there exists space in the key/value.

    • Example: --header Authorization='Bearer <token>'

  • -o, --out : Destination file for the SDL. Prints to standard output if not provided.


  1. Introspect a subgraph with routing URL "http://localhost:4001/graphql":

    npx wgc subgraph introspect --routing-url http://localhost:4001/graphql

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