Create Feature Subgraph

How to create a feature subgraph.


Create a feature subgraph based on an existing subgraph for your federated graph within the specified (otherwise "default") namespace. A feature subgraph is an "override" of an existing subgraph. One or more feature subgraphs are used to compose a feature flag.

Minimum Requirements

PackageMinimum version


A feature subgraph does not function in isolation. One or more feature subgraphs must compose a feature flag, which itself must be enabled to take effect.

wgc feature-subgraph create my-feature-subgraph --subgraph my-subgraph --routing-url http://localhost:4000

The alias for feature-subgraph is fs.

Note that unless specified by the --namespace parameter, the namespace will be automatically passed as "default".


  • <name>: The name of the feature subgraph to create. Must be unique among all subgraphs and feature subgraphs within the specified (otherwise "default") namespace.

Required Options

If the routing URL is not supplied, or the base subgraph does not exist in the specified (otherwise "default") namespace, the command will fail.

-r , --routing-url: Set the URL for the subgraph's data source. This URL defines the endpoint from which the subgraph will fetch data.

  • Example: --routing-url http://localhost:4001/graphql

--subgraph: The name of the existing base subgraph for which the feature subgraph is to be created.


Feature subgraphs do not use labels directly; labels are set by the feature flag that the feature subgraph(s) compose.

  • -n, --namespace : The namespace of the feature subgraph (defaults to "default"). Returns an error if the feature flag does not exist in that namespace.

  • --subscription-url: Use a different URL for subscription requests. If no subscription URL is provided, the router URL is used for subscriptions.

  • --subscription-protocol: Set a protocol to use for subscriptions. The available options are:

    • ws (default): Negotiate an appropriate protocol over websockets. Both grapqhl-ws and subscription-transport-ws are supported.

    • sse: Use Server-Sent Events with a GET request.

    • sse_post: Use Server-Sent events with a POST request.


  1. Create the feature subgraph "my-feature-subgraph" based on the existing subgraph "my-subgraph" in the namespace "prod".

wgc feature-subgraph create my-feature-subgraph \
	--subgraph my-subgraph \
	--namespace prod \
	--routing-url http://localhost:4000

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