Helm Chart

Navigating the stars with the Cosmo Helm Chart. This chart is a collection of sub-charts that make up the Cosmo Platform. You can deploy it both locally and in production.

Please checkout to the Helm directory in the OpenSource repository. The structure is as follows:

  1. Local Development (helm/README.md): Instructions about how to develop the chart locally with Minikube or any other Kubernetes cluster.

  2. How to use the Chart (helm/cosmo/DEV.md): Explains how the umbrella chart is constructed.

  3. Sub-charts (helm/cosmo/charts) The Cosmo Umbrella charts consist of multiple sub-charts.

    1. Controlplane

    2. GraphqlMetrics

    3. OTELCollector

    4. Studio

    5. Router

    6. CDN

Every helm chart contains a README.md that describes the available configuration options with default values and documentation. We auto-generate this on every update.

Storage components are managed through external Helm Charts from Bitnami.

  1. PostgresSQL

  2. Keycloak

  3. ClickHouse

  4. Minio

  5. Redis

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