The router can be debugged and tested in multiple ways.

Load a static Router configuration from file

Instead of letting the router fetch the config from the platform, you can also point to a local file. This is handy for local development. Your production config can be fetched by running wgc router fetch or wgc router compose to generate a router config without the need to interact with the controlplane.

docker run \
    -e ROUTER_CONFIG_PATH=/app/config.json \
    -v ./config.json:/app/config.json \
    --env-file ./.env router

The command above will mount your local file config.json into the router's working directory.

Docker --env-file allows you to specify all environment variables in your .env file instead of passing all of them through -e flags.

Debug log level

Enable debug mode by setting the environment variable LOG_LEVEL=debug

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