Creates a contract from a federated graph or monograph


npx wgc contract create <name> --source <federated-graph-name> --exclude internal -r <routing-url> 


The npx wgc contract create command allows you to create a contract from a federated graph or monograph by providing tags to exclude from the schema. This will create a new contract graph linked to the source graph.


  • <name>: The name of the contract graph you want to create.

Required Options

-r , --routing-url: The routing URL of your router. This URL defines the endpoint where the router will be accessible. The contract graph will be accessible through this router.

--source: The name of the source graph from which contract is created.


  • -n, --namespace : The namespace of the contract graph and source graph (Default: "default").

  • --exclude : The list of tags that need to be excluded from the source graph schema.

  • --admission-webhook-url <url> the base url of the admission webhook. This is the url that the controlplane will use to implement admission control for the contract graph. Example: (without the /validate-config path name)

  • --admission-webhook-secret: Allows you to sign requests (HMAC) made to your admission webhook url. The header containing this signature is X-Cosmo-Signature-256

  • --readme : The markdown file which describes the contract graph.


npx wgc contract create production-external --source production --exlude internal,experimental -r

Create a contract graph named production-external from the source graph schema of production that excluds all schema elements tagged with internal or experimental.

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