Push persisted operations to your routers


wgc operations push -c <client_name> <graph_name> -f <operations_file> 


Pushes the provided operations to the control plane, enabling them to be used from the router when using the given graph_name. Additionally, it registers the given client_name as a well-known client.

The operations file might be one of the following formats:

The operations are validated against the graph schema before registering them. If any of the operations is invalid, no operations will be registered.


  • -n, --namespace : The namespace of the federated graph (Default: "default").

  • -c, --client-name <client-name> The client name / identifier to register these operations under.

  • -f, --file <filename> Filename to read operations from. This argument can be used multiple times to read operations from multiple files. See Description for a list of the supported file formats.

  • -q, --quiet Don't produce any output, just exit with success or error. Intended for use in CI checks.

  • --format <output-format> Specify an output format for the returned data. Support types include text (the default) and json.

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