Release Management

How to get the latest release and stay up-to-date.

The Cosmo Platform is entirely Open Source.


Tagged releases are published in the exact version to and Github Container Registry.

Release Notes

Every release contains a summary of features, bug fixes, and breaking changes, and optionally a migration guide. You can find all official releases at WunderGraph Cosmo Releases.

All published docker images are listed at WunderGraph Cosmo Packages.

Docker tagging strategy

For every pull request and merge into the main branch, we will build separate Docker images. Feel free to be an early adopter and provide valuable feedback to us and the community.

Official releases are tagged as follows:

Images built on main are tagged with:

For more information, check out the release documentation.

Router binaries

For every Router release, we will build binaries for all operating systems and attach them to the Github release.

Stay up-to-date

You can subscribe to notifications on the Cosmo Repository. Click on Watch -> Custom -> Releases. Now, you get a notification for new releases.

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